Congratulations on completing your MedX program at PDR Clinics! It takes a lot of hard work to get to where you are now and you don’t want to lose what you have achieved. To help maintain your functional and strength gains, PDR offers a Maintenance Program for independent use of our CORE equipment. Maintenance is recommended once every 3-4 weeks to sustain recovery.

30-minute time slots are scheduled by the participant during which time they can use the CORE, and if available, the cardiovascular and stretching areas as well. At each Maintenance visit, the receptionist will provide a personalized Maintenance folder upon check in so participants can record the activities completed at each visit. If it is before or after hours and the receptionist is unavailable, participant’s folders can be obtained by an on-site therapist.

For those who prefer to work one-on-one with a therapist and remain using the MedX equipment for Maintenance purposes, 30-minute appointments can be scheduled at a rate of $65 per session. Please reference “MedX Maintenance” when scheduling to ensure you are scheduled properly.

Maintenance Program Requirements

It is important to ensure your safety when participating in our Maintenance Program. Only those who have met their rehabilitation goals and have been formally discharged from the program are allowed to participate. Any changes to a participant’s health should be brought to the attention of the receptionist and/or on-site therapist.

Participants must be properly trained on the CORE equipment prior to use. Additionally, recommendations made by the therapist at discharge regarding reps and weight amounts should be followed.

Participants who lapse in Maintenance for three (3) or more months, experience a change in your health and/or your neck and back condition, such as new injury or flare up, you may may be required to see a doctor prior to restarting Maintenance.

PDR’s Maintenance Program is a cash pay program and a credit card must be kept on file to participate. Participants who no show or cancel in less than 24-hours will be charged the cost of their session. A participant’s accounts must be in good standing prior to starting the Maintenance Program.

Get Started

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