At PDR Clinics, we understand that chronic pain can take a toll on one’s life in a substantial way. Whether it is wanting to return to work or just get back to normal everyday activities without pain, PDR is here to help. Our top priority is to improve the quality of life for our patients. We offer hope to those who have not had success with past therapies, want to avoid surgery or simply feel better. PDR differentiates itself from other rehabilitation programs by specializing specifically in neck and back treatment. We are experts at what we do because that is all we do – and have done for over 22 years. At PDR, we help treat the “whole person” by looking not only at the physiological issue but also at the psychological barriers that may exist as a result of chronic neck and back pain.

We offer a number of therapeutic treatment plans based on your needs. Whether you are experiencing neck or back pain, chronic headaches, pregnancy backaches, TMJ pain, pain associated with arthritis or even post-cancer or post-surgical pain, we can help. Call us today to schedule a visit with one of our spine specialists.

Our typical treatment for neck and/or back pain lasts for 8-12 weeks and includes regular visits with our physicians (every four weeks) and a physical and occupational rehab curriculum that includes therapy and MedX treatments 2x per week.

This is an image of a patient using PDR's MedX equipment.
This is an image of a patient using PDR's MedX equipment.

How we differ

PDR Clinics provides affordable, world-class services for our patients. We've used our years of experience to build the most comprehensive rehabilitation programs.

Medical evaluation

PDR’s Road to Recovery combines MedX rehabilitation with Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC) to ensure the greatest opportunity for overall, long-term recovery. Whether referred by a doctor, family or friend, the first visit to PDR consists of a very thorough evaluation by one of our physicians who will formulate an individualized treatment program based on your individual signs and symptoms. Our physicians have special interests and postgraduate training in the non-surgical and post-surgical management of spinal conditions, and are thus able to identify and manage medical complications early-on.

Dedicated staff

Our patients work with both Physical and Occupational Therapists throughout their rehab program. We have found this team approach to be most effective for our patients’ recovery. Our Physical Therapists have a strong background in manual therapy and our Occupational Therapists have training in ergonomics and work conditioning. As a result, our patients receive the benefit of working with both disciplines which offer different areas of skill and expertise. More importantly, both our Physical and Occupational Therapists alike strive to build relationships of trust with our patients while giving them hope, especially when past therapies have not been successful.

MedX treatment

PDR Clinics uses MedX equipment which is considered the gold standard for isolated spinal strengthening which is necessary for the treatment and reduction of chronic neck and back pain. MedX equipment allows our therapists to safely and effectively isolate muscles in the neck and back, while allowing our patients to work at a significantly greater intensity level without compromise to the disc or vertebra. Working at a higher intensity level causes the “remodeling” of the muscles, offering long term benefits and ultimately increasing strength, mobility, and function.

In a clinical study, on average, our patients have experienced a 108% to 295% improvement in spinal strength and mobility upon completion of the program. In addition, many patients are able to avoid spinal surgery after completing a MedX program, which is well documented and supported by various resources.

Amazing programs

If addition to our standard programs, we offer many supplemental programs as well.

Our Swiss Ball Circuit Training program is designed to strengthen adjunct core muscle groups by general conditioning of the muscles. This program serves to maximize progress while in the MedX program, and after care as a home maintenance program upon completion of the program.

We offer Postural Retraining & Ergonomic Education as an essential part of our process which is used to reduce stress in the spine by ensuring the patient’s environment at both work and home support good practice.

The PDR Return to Work Program is for injured workers who are partially or completely off of work due to a neck or back injury, with the goal of returning to work at 100% function as soon as possible. This program includes an emphasis on work conditioning and lifting capacities. If requested, our physicians will address work restrictions during the physician follow-up visits.

Additional Therapies

Lastly, PDR Clnics uses a number of other therapies to compliment the MedX and Occupational and Physical Therapy programs. Some of the therapies included are:

  • Muscle Relaxation Technique (MRT) is a soft tissue mobilization technique that is helpful in improving circulation and decreasing scar tissue in strained musculature.
  • Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is a neuromuscular technique that helps reduce muscle spasm and improve specific joint motion.
  • Strain Constrain (SCS) is a neuromuscular technique that helps reduce muscle spasm and improve specific joint motion. Watch the Video.
  • Traction to the spine allows a gentle stretch and decompression of the spinal joints and discs. It may be particularly helpful in reducing disc bulges and herniations that cause arm or leg symptoms.
  • Kinesiotaping application is used to improve circulation, reduce pain, and normalize muscle tone.