The Institute ensures PDR Clinics stays at the forefront of treating musculoskeletal pain.

The PDR Institute

The PDR Institute is the foundation of PDR Clinics’ patient rehabilitation program. It ensures consistent quality service is delivered – regardless of the clinic location or provider. Beginning with onboarding, and continuing with quality assurance practices, and research & development in active, therapeutic, biopsychosocial approaches, the Institute ensures PDR Clinics stays at the forefront of treating chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Our providers explore leadership, mentorship, and teamwork activities to support our collaborative yet innovative environment to support excellent patient outcomes while meeting the demands of the triple aim; high quality patient care, patient satisfaction, and heath care affordability.

Our providers receive ongoing education and participate in formalized quality assurance programs that test skills and monitor outcomes to ensure complete proficiency in the following areas: MedX, exercise protocols, adjunctive manual therapies, and PDR’s Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC) program. Patient care and access is optimized by the assurance that the same level of expertise is available regardless of PDR location or provider.

Clinical leadership and growth are fostered through PDR’s Innovation Program, quality assurance training, stipend courses, and student mentorship program which help us to remain on the cutting edge of treatment options for neck and back pain. We also monitor our success by collecting and examining patient outcomes on an ongoing basis and allow us to hone our program to be the most effective, efficient rehabilitation program available for chronic neck and back care.