Patient Outcomes

Continuous quality improvement with excellent patient outcomes.

Patient Outcomes

Our team partners with each patient to achieve maximum results. PDR measures and reports our outcomes on a regular basis to ensure we consistently deliver results.

  • 93%

    Of PDR’s patients are willing to recommend PDR Clinics.

  • 7.2

    Of PDR’s patients average a 7.2 out of 10 TPR (Total Perceived Recovery).

  • 67%

    Of PDR’s patients reported a meaningful change in headaches.

  • 66%

    Of PDR’s patients reported a meaningful pain reduction.

  • 82%

    Of PDR’s patients report a 82% reduction in pain medication use at discharge.

  • 1%

    Only 1% of patients received a prescription from PDR.

Functional Gain

Strength + Range of Motion (ROM) = Functional Gain

When pain affects an individual’s ability to move, it affects their overall physical and mental health. That is why restoring an individual’s function is our first priority. Increasing function also helps to reduce pain.

AreaSort by Area ImprovementSort by Improvement
Lumbar Extension 107.1%
Rotary Torso 121.5%
Cervical Extension 132.1%
Cervical Rotation 164.9%

Please note: 30% improvement in strength and ROM is considered clinically significant. 2015 statistics.