PDR Patients

PDR Clinics is a leading provider for non-surgical treatment for musculoskeletal pain. We understand how pain alters normal muscle activity and leads to weakness, range of motion loss, and the use of compensatory muscles groups. We work with our patients to help restore function, improve strength and reduce pain.

Helping our patients return to the activities they want and need to do is our top priority. Upon beginning your treatment at PDR, we will work with you to identify goals that you want to achieve. We will regularly evaluate your progress to ensure we help you meet what is important to you.

Often the emotional implications of dealing with injury and pain can create barriers that can impede optimal recovery. Our team of specialized therapists will help to identify these barriers as well as provide tools to address them.

Patient Outcomes

Our team partners with each patient to achieve maximum results.

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First Visit

Preparing for your first visit to PDR.

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Insurance & Billing

Working with you every step of the way.

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