PDR Clinics recognizes the importance of having a trusted partner with successful, cost-effective, measurable outcomes in the area of rehabilitation. Our goal is to get our patients back to living a healthy, productive, pain-free life as quickly as possible. From our specialty trained Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians to our Advanced Practice Occupational and Physical Therapists, PDR is committed to providing the best non-surgical, evidence-based care available in the Twin Cities’ metro area.

We utilize MedX equipment, the gold standard in isolated spinal strengthening necessary for the treatment and reduction of chronic neck and back pain, as well as other proven therapies to ensure the best outcomes possible. Our patients also participate in numerous other therapies to ensure they build strength, flexibility, learn proper ergonomics, lifting and stretching techniques as well as the importance of cardiovascular health for their overall long-term success. At PDR, we believe patients need to take an active role in their health and recovery for the best results and we do everything possible, including prescribing programs they can do in the comfort of their own home.

PDR’s Maintenance Program allows patients to come in on a regular basis after they complete their treatment program to ensure the strides they made during their therapy are not lost. Patients can come in and work on one or two of the MedX therapy machines at a nominal cost at their convenience.


Focusing on Function Versus Pain



Our “LBP Functional Treatment Tool” is a unique illustration of PDR Clinics’ back pain treatment philosophy that focuses on treating function, versus pain. This tool is used to ensure a consistent treatment approach between our physicians, occupational therapists, and physical therapists, and to provide a consistent message to the patient. Educating our providers about this approach, as well as educating the patient, has helped our patients let go of their “pain” and focus on restoring their “function”.

The primary goal of our treatment approach is to restore a patient’s function so that they may avoid costly surgical interventions, ongoing use of medications, and continued use of medical services. To do this, our focus is on functional restoration both of the spine and of the whole body.


Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

PDR Clinics recognizes that certain patients may have psychological barriers that may prevent them from the best possible outcome when it comes to rehabilitation. As a result, we have implemented our Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC) program to help address this need in qualified patients. Our program is free to our patients and consists of a number of educational programs that address common barriers in order to increase their overall outcome success.


Return To Work Program

PDR Clinics is a Return To Work provider. We do everything in our power to ensure patients that are either working in a restricted capacity or not working at all, get them back to work as soon as possible. Our specially trained therapists and physicians work diligently with each patient to help focus on those areas that need to be addressed to help expedite their recovery process.

PDR is an approved provider for most major insurance carriers and health plans. Most workers’ comp, auto and personal injury insurance plans also cover services provided at our centers. We are a preferred provider for HealthPartners and Preferred One which may offer additional care benefits. To learn more, please 952.908.2700. We look forward to serving you and your patients.