Employers & Insurers

We help our partners control costs while providing optimal outcomes.

PDR recognizes the importance of having a trusted partner with successful, cost-effective, measurable outcomes in the area of rehabilitation.

Our goal is to return patients back to living a healthy, productive life as quickly as possible. From our specialty trained Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Occupational Medicine physicians to our Advanced Practice Occupational and Physical Therapists, PDR is committed to providing the best, non-surgical, evidence-based care available. We understand the high cost of providing healthcare to employees. We also understand the costs associated with workers’ compensation claims. We work with employers to control costs through various service offerings that reduce injury, promote workplace safety, and keep employees at work and productive.

PDR utilizes evidence-based guidelines to develop non-surgical, active treatment plans to improve function and reduce pain for individuals suffering from musculoskeletal pain. Our unique program identifies and addresses the psychological barriers that often accompany chronic pain in a simple and manageable way. This approach has allowed us to achieve excellent outcomes for thousands of patients over the past several years. PDR’s Quality Program measures and reports outcomes on an ongoing basis. The data provides a gauge on the effectiveness of our treatment, feedback on new programs and services, as well as provides insight into opportunities for improvement – all of which support continuous growth, innovation, and cost-effective care.

iWorks Health – Solutions For The Workplace

iWorks Health, a division of iSpine & PDR Clinics, understands the importance and challenges of maintaining a healthy and productive workforce. Healthy workers are likely to be more productive, less prone to injury, and save employers money through reduced workers’ compensation and healthcare claims. Total worker health combines workplace health and safety with the management of employee health, including psychosocial factors such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

  • Workplace injuries impact both the injured worker and the employer. Whether it is a new musculoskeletal injury or old injury, our team of specialists can help. As a stay at work, return to work advocate, we understand the importance of helping the individual stay engaged and return them to their job as quickly as possible.
  • We treat the whole person, and create a customized functional rehabilitation program to assist the individual in meeting the physical requirements of their job. We also help address any emotional barriers related to their injury that could impede their optimal progress.
  • Job specific work conditioning is incorporated into the plan of care to assist the injured worker with endurance and maximum function.
  • Case facilitation is offered as a value-added service, our Case Managers will keep you updated with the care plan and progress of each injured worker. We will also report attendance issues, should they occur. Our onsite services are all geared to reduce injury, maintain a healthy, productive workforce and reduce the employers work comp and overall healthcare spending.

The PDR Institue

The PDR Institute is the foundation of PDR Clinics’ rehabilitation program. It ensures consistent quality service is delivered every time – regardless of the clinic location or provider. Learn more about how our approach and programs support excellent patient outcomes while meeting the demands of the triple aim; high quality patient care, patient satisfaction, and health care affordability.

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