Patient Testimonials

Paula N.

“I had SI joint pain for years. I came to PDR as a last resort. I have been through PT, chiropractic, and acupuncture. Nothing seemed to “take care” of my problem. I never used the MedX machines & I truly believe that using the machines & the PT & OT is why I no longer have pain. I really like the concept of a “total” program. It incorporated strengthening, stretching, learning how to lift and how to take care of myself if my back hurts. Everyone-reception, PTs, OTs, Doctors-I met at PDR were kind, caring, friendly and knew their job. I can’t say enough about them, or their program. I have been & will continue to refer people your way. I’m so happy to finally be pain free. Thank you so much!!”

Mary R.

“For almost 30 years, I was mis-diagnosed by doctors. I was told to prepare for my life as a disabled person. I couldn’t give up, so I went in search of answers on my own. It was a blessing when I found PDR. The doctors and staff found what was wrong in one visit. Two years later I am living a normal life. This has been a second chance I never thought I would have. Today I am 95% pain free and loving life again. I can never thank all of you enough.”

Shari H.

“After completing another physical therapy program and still having pain daily, I was then referred to PDR. With great hesitation, because of other medical problems, I started the program. I had no idea that at the end, I would be virtually pain free. Because of the staff’s great care and awareness of my injury and medical concerns, I was able to progress slowly through the program. I want to thank them all! What a great feeling to know that something actually does make you pain free. Thanks!”

Kyesha L.

“I was referred to PDR by my doctor’s office during my pregnancy. At the time I initially began to be treated by the staff at PDR I was nearing my 27th week and suffering from SI pain. I must admit I was a skeptic and didn’t really believe that it was going to help me. But after several visits the pain slowly began to diminish and eventually disappeared altogether making for a more comfortable pregnancy. As my due date nears I can say that I am satisfied with the results. The staff at PDR is extremely knowledgeable and has been helpful in my recovery. Thank you.”

Brenda W.

“I want to thank the wonderful staff at PDR! After 20 years of pain…….I AM PAIN FREE! Thank you for being my cheerleader when I needed it and pushing to do better! Thanks!”

Fran T.

“After being in a car accident my lower back was giving me a great deal of pain. PDR was recommended to me and after exercising on the machines for one month I could sleep through the night and get up in the morning without pain. I am very happy with the program and the results-especially now that the lower back pain is gone. Thank you PDR staff.”