Our Vision

From the beginning, PDR Clinics’ founder, Dr. Todd Ginkel, had a vision to become the industry’s highest-quality provider for the non-surgical treatment of chronic neck and back pain. In our ongoing quest to live this vision, we continually strive for excellence and see the potential for success in every patient.

We want to improve the quality of our patients’ lives by providing a positive patient experience and continually developing and researching proven, evidence-based therapies that will improve the lives of those we serve.

Our Mission

We are in business to improve our patient’s quality of life, not just provide a medical service. We will accomplish this by always creating a positive patient experience, continuous development and research in active therapeutic approaches, and highly valuing our staff and investing in them. This commitment to excellence and developing the patient relationship is what will make PDR the standard that everyone else is compared to in the treatment of neck and back pain.

Patient Outcomes

PDR Clinics has an amazing 98% Patient Satisfaction rating.

The quality of our work, along with the patients commitment to improving their condition, results in proven, measurable success. At PDR Clinics we continually monitor our outcomes to ensure we are delivering the highest quality program available. Our most recent outcomes include:

% Reduction in Pain

74% of PDR patients reported a significant reduction in pain at discharge. When it comes to your health, you should demand the best in the industry – demand PDR. 

% Reduction in Headaches

70% of PDR patients were able to significantly reduce their headaches due to their therapy success. We will help you regain your life again and set you on a course of success.

% Reduction in Pain Medications

66% of PDR patients were able to significantly or completely eliminate the need for any pain medication due to their therapy success.

Functional Gain

For our Functional Gain outcomes, it's important to remember that "Strength + Range of Motion = Functional Gain".

Please note: 30% improvement in strength and ROM is considered clinically significant. 2015 statistics.

 % Improvement
Lumbar Extension107%
Rotary Torso122%
Cervical Extension132%
Cervical Rotation165%