Choosing the right gym for YOU is important in meeting your fitness goals.

Choosing a gym can be an overwhelming task with so many different gyms and memberships available. Working out should be fun and enjoyable, an activity that you look forward to. The goal is to find a gym that fits your needs, feels safe and comfortable, and is affordable.

What to look for when choosing a gym

Find the STYLE you like most

Visualize what would work best for you and would best fit your needs. Do you like to socialize? Do you like group classes? Do you prefer a one-on-one trainer experience vs. working out independently? Do you prefer a small or large facility? What amenities are you looking for, if any? Would you feel more comfortable at a female-only gym? Once you decide what style you prefer, it’s time for the next step.

Find a convenient LOCATION

Map out gyms that are close to your home, work, and on your way to and from work. You’re more likely to regularly attend a gym that is convenient…. unless it’s a style you love. Look for free passes online. Many gyms offer 1, 2, or even 5 day free passes to trial their gym. Most will require an appointment for the initial session. Tour and trial the gym during the times you plan to attend so you can see how busy it is and how it feels to you.


 Find your PRICE POINT

Some gyms start as low as $10/month, such as Planet Fitness and Xperience Fitness. Smaller, 24-hour gyms start at around $35/month, such as Snap Fitness and Anytime Fitness. Larger gyms that offer more amenities start at $50+, such as the YMCA and Lifetime Fitness, with the exception of L.A. Fitness which starts at only $30/month. These gyms offer personal training sessions for an extra cost. Specialty gyms such as Curves (women only), Cross-Fit, Barre, and boxing gyms start at around $59+ monthly.

Questions you may want to ask:

• Can I get a free pass to trial the gym?
• Is an orientation to the gym included with the membership? Many gyms offer a one-hour personal training session with each new membership.
• How much does a membership cost? What are the enrollment fees, maintenance fees, cancellation fees?
• Is the membership monthly or yearly? Is a punch card available?
• Are there contracts to sign?
• What is included in the membership? Typically, use of all amenities costs an extra fee. Some gyms offer group classes that are included in the membership fees, while others charge extra and require a reservation.

When choosing a gym, you’ll want to know exactly what you are getting so you’re not disappointed later.  Take your time finding a good fit, don’t get pressured into something that’s not for you.  Now you’re ready to start moving!

Finally, if pain is limiting you from enjoying a workout or you are fearful of heading to the gym due to an injury, contact your doctor or a pain expert at PDR Clinics.