When Talking about combining Physical and Occupational Therapy to Treat Pain. Patients often ask what the difference is between OT (occupational therapy) and PT (physical therapy).  Occupational therapists are thoroughly trained on anatomy, physiology and psychosocial well-being. These experts make sure that you can function with your day to day tasks. OT’s want you to be independent with dressing, grooming, household chores, yardwork, work, and recreational activities. Oftentimes, when we’re in pain, injured or disabled, we cannot do all the things we used to do. Even something as simple as brushing your teeth can be quite a chore when dealing with pain. OT’s make sure that you can use the best posture and body mechanics with daily activities so that you can function without the interference of pain or other disability.

Physical therapists are also well-versed in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. They are experts at how the body functions and geared to help a person improve their overall body movement. They know how the muscles and joints work, and how they can be rehabilitated to function optimally. PT’s are trained to look at how your mobility and strength impairments impact your day-to-day function. They are skilled manual therapists and can manipulate the muscles and joints to perform optimally.

At PDR Clinics, we have a therapy team to provide a comprehensive program for musculoskeletal pain. When patients begin treatment at PDR, they meet with a PT and OT separately to develop a specialized treatment plan based on the specific needs.  When the two disciplines combine, the entire focus is on getting the patient back to function.  Build strength, increase mobility, and improve body mechanics while teaching and coaching patients in a variety of pain management strategies.  Each type of therapist will look at you through their lens, coming together to carry out a treatment plan to get you back to doing everything you do in life!

To learn more about combining Physical and Occupational Therapy with our multidisciplinary team and the PDR method of treating pain, go to https://pdrclinics.com/about/therapy-team/