With gyms being closed for infection control purposes, and ‘social distancing’ becoming our new norm, exercise continues to be an excellent form of stress relief and a great way to take care of your cardiovascular health.  Continuing to exercise at home can give some structure to your days if you are at home for work or off work at this time.  If your gym is currently closed and you’re wondering what you can do for exercise – don’t worry – there are many services offering free classes or extended free trials of their online classes.  Many of these classes require little-no equipment.  By no means does this list every free option available, but it offers a good variety of different types of workouts.

  • Orange Theory is offering free classes on their app
  • The Fit Body app is offering 30 days free with the code “DAJEITALIA”
  • Down Dog is making all of their apps free until April 1st (including yoga, HIIT, and barre classes)
  • The Tone it Up app will be free for the next month
  • Fight Camp has uploaded several free workouts to its YouTube channel (kickboxing and HIIT)
  • Daily Burn is offering 60 days free of premium access to their full library of workouts
  • Blake Lively’s trainer is offering a free 4-week bodyweight training program at https://www.donsaladino.com/bodyweight-program
  • CorePower is offering free yoga classes online
  • Barry’s is offering an online workout that requires a small resistance loop and a large resistance band
  • Planet fitness is streaming free classes

If you don’t have hand weights at home, you can use common household objects such as water/wine bottles, soup cans, gallons of milk, paper weights, pet food/cat litter bags, bags of water softener salt, etc.  While weights &/or resistance bands are preferred to get the most out of your exercises, most can be performed effectively without them.