During this time of unease and anxiety, it’s even more important than ever to keep moving!  Let’s review all of the benefits of movement:

  • Motion is lotion! When we move our bodies, we increase blood flow to the muscles and lubricate the joints.
  • Sleep: You’re apt to sleep better if you fatigue your body during the day.
  • Weight Control: Being inside (and bored!) can lead to increased snacking and being more sedentary.  The more active you are, the less likely you are to pack on the pounds!
  • Mood: Movement releases endorphins.  Endorphins reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your mood!

As current guidelines suggest (as of 3/18/20), we are asked to practice social distancing.  Staying 6 feet away from your friends and neighbors helps mitigate the airborne spread of the virus.  However, the good news is that we can still get out of the house!  It is so helpful for our minds and bodies to get sun and fresh air.  Going for a walk is an excellent way to get exercise.  Just make sure that you wear good walking shoes and start with walking short distances if you haven’t walked in a while.

If you prefer staying in the house, you can still keep moving.  If you are or have been a PDR patient, you’ve learned some exercises in therapy that you can continue to do at home.  In fact, it will be vital that you continue to do them so that you can maintain the strength and mobility you’ve gained during your physical rehabilitation program here.  Climb up and down the stairs a few times.  Do some jumping jacks, squats or sit-to-stands exercises.

Several local and national gyms and health clubs are offering online exercise classes as a result of the current situation.  Many of them are even free of charge!  CorePower Yoga and Xperience Fitness are just two examples of fitness centers with these offerings.

If you are working from home, it is important to make sure that you get up every hour to stretch and walk around a bit.  You won’t have the distractions and breaks that you might typically have when you’re in the office.

So the moral of the story:  Resist the temptation to binge Netflix for hours on end and keep moving!  For more information on our rehabilitation services, please visit our website at:   www.PDRclinics.com.