Accelerated Conditioning & Training (ACT) is a service offering at PDR Clinics for injured workers who need additional time or resources to ensure a successful return to work (RTW).  Our ACT program typically consists of 4, 2-3 hour sessions which address the worker’s psychosocial, physical, and employer barriers to returning to work.  These sessions run concurrently with the worker’s physical therapy/rehabilitation.

The first ACT session begins with a thorough evaluation, which includes the following:

  • Worker interview, which may include some or all of the following questions:

*   “What are your thoughts about returning to work?”

*   “What do you perceive to be the biggest challenge to your returning to work?”

*   “What would allow you to return to work more easily &/or quickly (e.g. new/better equipment, job

modifications, restriction update)?”

  • Analysis and synthesis of the job description and the worker’s report of job duties/demands
  • Return to work assessment, including a physical demands assessment

In addition, each ACT session includes some or all of the following:

  • Cardiovascular (CV) training to improve overall physical endurance
  • Practice of pain management techniques including breathing, visualization, and mindfulness practices
  • Functional strengthening exercises
  • Extensive training in proper posture, body mechanics and lifting techniques
  • Standardized Functional Lift Testing (performed weekly)
  • Job Specific Work Conditioning, which may include:

*  Waist lift

*  Lift/carry 50 feet

*  Floor to waist lift

*  Waist to over-shoulder lift

*  One-handed lift/carry

*  Push-pull

A typical 2-hour ACT session is performed in a circuit training type of format, during which various tasks are alternated.  Here’s an example:

  1. CV warm-up
  2. Functional strengthening exercise
  3. 40 lbs. waist lift, x10 reps
  4. Core stability exercise
  5. 25 lbs. lift/carry 50 feet, x10 reps
  6. CV exercise, x10 minutes
  7. Patient education: Pain management
  8. Functional strengthening exercise
  9. 30 lbs. floor to waist lift, x10 reps
  10. Core stability exercise
  11. 15 lbs. waist to over-shoulder lift, x10 reps
  12. Functional strengthening exercise
  13. CV exercise, x10 minutes
  14. Patient education: Therapeutic breathing
  15. 25 lbs. unilateral lift/carry, x10 reps
  16. Core stabilization exercise
  17. 80 lbs. push-pull 50 feet, x10 reps

Advantages of the ACT program include increased physical endurance and tolerance of work tasks via accelerated conditioning, as well as reduction of psychosocial barriers to RTW, resulting in expediting a worker’s successful return to work.  For more information regarding PDR’s Return to Work Program, you may visit our website at: