Whiplash is a common injury sustained in car accidents.  During a whiplash injury the head is first thrown back, and then thrown forward. During this rapid acceleration, the muscles in the back and sides of the neck are torn. The same effect occurs in the low back.

A muscle sprain or tendon strain (tearing of fibers) sustained from a whiplash injury can be very painful, and if not treated can lead to excessive scar tissue development, stiffness/decreased mobility, and weakness.  These tissue responses and impairments can lead to a decreased ability to complete daily activities, and eventually chronic pain and cervicogenic headaches, or headaches that begin in the neck and work their way up and over the back of the head.  This type of headache is VERY responsive to physical therapy, especially a MedX therapy program (see below).  Research has shown that pain after a whiplash injury commonly persists for over two years.  At PDR, 74% of our patients report a 50-100% reduction in their headaches after completing therapy!  

MedX therapy has been very effective in treating chronic neck and back pain related to whiplaash type injuries. Because of this equipment’s ability to isolate the injured muscles, slow progressions in range of motion and strength are made with resistance training. Loading the muscle with resistance helps to break scar tissue adhesions and build stronger, healthier, muscle tissue. The effects of the training improve range of motion of the spine, strength and endurance.

PDR’s average outcomes in over-all patient recovery are 75% in less than 3 months of treatment! Patients who complete therapy at PDR are on average within 13% of their normative comparison in cervical strength and range of motion. Thus, MedX training has been shown to be very effective in regaining the losses in neck strength and range of motion which persist after whiplash injury, thus improving spinal function and decreasing pain and headaches!