Just think about how many hours you spend at work.  Whether you have a highly physically-demanding job or a sedentary job, your body is being taxed.  Our muscles stiffen up when we do prolonged activities, whether you’re sitting for hours on end at a computer, or lifting multiple boxes all day as a delivery person.   Either way, it’s highly recommended that you try to stretch before and/or during work every day.

Make sure to stretch in the opposite direction of how you’ve been positioned.  For example, if you’ve been sitting for a long time, stand up and arch your back.  If your arms have been reaching in front of you for a long time as you work on an assembly line or type on a computer, stretch by pulling your shoulder blades back.  Try to change positions every 30-60 minutes.

Setting a timer on your phone, computer or smartwatch can help you remember to take a break and stretch. Oftentimes, we get so caught up in our work that the time passes by without us remembering to change positions!

Find some buddies at work who will stretch with you so that you can keep each other healthy and accountable.  Savvy employers have integrated a stretching session into the morning routine at some worksites – allowing all of the workers to stretch together to improve their day.  Perhaps there is someone you can talk to at work that could initiate a stretching program.  Through PDRWorks, we can even send a physical or occupational therapist out to your worksite to lead a stretching class!  Once everyone learns what to do, it can then be up to you to lead each other.  For more information about PDRWorks and the services we offer, please visit:  www.PDRClinics.com, and click on PDRWorks.