One thing that makes us unique at PDR Clinics is our MedX machines.  They are specialized machines that you won’t find at a health club like Lifetime or Anytime Fitness.  MedX machines are designed to provide isolated and targeted strengthening for the spinal muscles.  The same gentleman who invented the Nautilus machines that you see in health clubs came up with the idea for MedX.  He saw a need for specialized strengthening for persons dealing with neck pain and lower back pain.

There are countless options available to try when you have spinal pain.  Massage, acupuncture, meditation, stretching, and chiropractic all have their place in reducing pain.  Occasionally, surgery is indicated.  That said, physical therapists have known for decades that strengthening the spine is a very effective option for managing symptoms.  Having adequate core stability is fundamental in terms of tolerating daily activities, hobbies and sports.

While traditional strengthening exercises may help manage neck and lower back pain, studies show they do not strengthen the muscles that attach directly to the spine.  The bony structures of our spine rely on muscles to hold it in its proper position, yet oftentimes, our spinal muscles are very weak.

That’s where MedX come in.  In the lumbar (lower back) MedX machine, your legs and hips are secured so that when the weight is being lifted, your low back muscles are completely isolated.  In the cervical (neck) MedX machine, your shoulders are secured in order to effectively isolate your neck muscles.  MedX rehabilitation is very safe.  At PDR, you will always be supervised by a MedX certified therapist who will assess your safe, pain-free range of motion each visit, and determine your appropriate weight progression.  MedX machines ensure that you use your body how it was designed to be used – without dangerous compensation.

While MedX is an integral part of your potential treatment plan at PDR Clinics, it’s only one part of it.  We treat the whole person – not just someone with a strained muscle or bulging disc, but someone with emotions, feelings, family and responsibilities.  MedX machines are not intended to be used forever – we work together to maximize your strength and then teach you a home exercise program so that you can maintain your strength independently!