It is not uncommon for one of my patients to show up for their appointment while they’re sick.  They show up because:

  1. They don’t want to miss an appointment/obligation
  2. They don’ t want to pay the cancellation fee
  3. They just want to keep working on getting their spine better

Research shows that attending therapy consistently greatly increases the chances of a successful recovery.  However, working out when you’re sick is a whole different ballgame.

So, how do you know when you should avoid working out?  Pay attention to your symptoms.  A general rule of thumb is this:  If you just have symptoms from your neck up (a headache, runny nose, sneezing, scratchy throat), you should be just fine to workout.  In fact, working out may actually make you feel better and sleep better that night!  If you’re illness has moved into your chest (coughing, feeling winded), it is recommended that you don’t work out.  Working out usually elevates your pulse, which in turn will likely cause you to cough even more.  Additionally, the energy that our bodies need to fight off an illness will be used up working out.  Your illness may end up lasting longer than it would’ve had you just gotten your rest.

This doesn’t mean that we want you to just lie around and sleep when you’re sick!  When we’re sick, we’re likely to have increased soreness in our vulnerable spots.  So if you’ve been having problems with your neck or back, you’re likely to notice that area being more sore when you’re sick.  That’s because our nerves are more sensitive during periods of illness.  Do your best to get up and walk around the house every once in a while.  Do some of your gentle stretching exercises.  Drink plenty of fluids, and try to use good posture when you are sitting and lying down.  And don’t worry about cancelling your appointment – we won’t charge a cancellation fee when you’re sick!