Announcing the addition of Sarah Elert MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, to PDR Clinics.

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Sitting with good posture throughout the day can greatly minimize stress-producing pain in the ligaments, joints, and discs of the spine.  When these structures are under excessive load, they can become overstretched and inflamed.  Practicing good spinal posture can reduce this contributing pain producer.

Legs & Feet

  • Plant feet firmly on floor, or use a foot stool if needed
  • Keep thighs parallel to floor
  • Ensure leg clearance from table or keyboard tray

Lower Back Support

  • Use a chair that provides lumbar support; if adjustable, adjust to maintain an erect sitting posture while supporting the inward curve of lower back
  • Ideal chairs can be easily raised or lowered

Neutral Typing Position

  • Use an adjustable chair, keyboard tray, or desk/table to achieve a neutral (straight) position of the hand, wrist and forearm.
  • Keep upper and lower arms at a 90 degree angle to each other
  • Position mouse as closely to keyboard as possible to minimize reaching and twisting

Viewing Angles and Distance

  • Position monitor, keyboard and chair in a straight line
  • Top of monitor screen at or slightly below eye horizon
  • Comfortable, non-straining distance to read monitor (typically 15-30 inches)
  • Adjust brightness, contrast and color to comfortable levels
  • Avoid glare by positioning away from windows and direct lights
  • Keep written work materials propped up near monitor

Laptop Ergonomics

  • While sitting on a couch:  Keep your hips positioned all the way back with a lumbar support, such as a small pillow, lumbar roll or rolled up towel.  Place 2 bed pillows under the laptop on your lap.
  • While sitting at a table or desk:  Avoid a forward head position.  Since the monitor will be lower than the ideal height, be extra aware of your head position.
  • Use a docking station with an external monitor and/or keyboard whenever possible, or a wireless keyboard.  This would allow you to position the monitor at the proper height on a stand or stack of books.