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Welcome to a series of educational blogs for women who may be struggling with low back and neck pain before, during, or after pregnancy. At PDR, our comprehensive spine specialty rehabilitation and pregnancy protocols can help resolve pre-, peri- & postpartum spine pain through an exercise and drug-free approach. Wherever you are on your journey, we can help!

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Getting My Body Back after Baby

Welcome to the World Baby Girl or Boy! And Welcome Home Mom! The first 6-8 weeks after baby is born is about your body healing, connecting with baby and getting to know each other. Although you’ve been together a long time, your beautiful baby will have its own personality. It’s about listening to your body and sleeping when baby sleeps. Trust in your body, it knows how to heal. Breathe, Eat, and Drink healthy foods from Mother Nature. During pregnancy and after delivery your muscles have been stretched and strained in every possible way. All of your posture muscles are exhausted and keeping good posture is a big challenge. Many of us have to re-learn how to activate all those muscles again in order to have good posture and body mechanics to prevent injury and strain. Planning is key, when adding the new tasks of carrying baby, the diaper bag, the car seat and loading that stroller in the car.
At PDR we offer seasonal 1 hour class to all new Moms called, Getting My Body Back after Baby, that includes learning how to activate posture muscles, retraining of body mechanics to decrease strain on back when lifting baby, and the safest exercises to start with to be on your way to getting your body back. At PDR we also offer specialized treatment and exercise programs for low back pain, sciatica pain, diastasis recti, and recovery from cesarean section. If you are having post pregnancy pain, discuss it with your primary OBGYN, and see if after your 8 week check up, a specialized post pregnancy physical therapy is right for you.
Buy a BOOK??? ??? So the #1 bestselling post pregnancy book is, What to Expect the First Year, 3rd edition, revised and updated in 2014, by Heidi Murkoff and her team of medical advisors. It is a guide to the instructions that babies do not come with. It is easy to read, filled with illustrations, practical tips and realistic advice in a non-overwhelming format to take you step by step through the first year.
TIP to get you started….the first time out to the store, park next to a cart corral. The car seat is crazy heavy with baby added, so you want to grab a cart first, bring it to the side of the car and then use both hands to slide the car seat close to the front of your body then pivot at your feet to place in cart. This avoids carrying the baby all the way through the parking lot!
Congratulations on your choice to join the “Wild Life” and have a baby! It’s an amazing journey and if you need a guide to get your body back after baby, we’d love you to attend one of our free classes!
Are you ready to take next steps and learn more? Come to our FREE Educational Presentation and Q&A: Getting My Body Back on Tuesday September 18th 6:30-8pm at PDR-Coon Rapids 320 Coon Rapids Blvd Coon Rapids, MN