Tips for Long Term Sitting

A long term sitting position can be problematic for low back pain sufferers. Sitting places a 50% greater load on the spine than standing does. These are some great ideas on how to improve your sitting posture and decrease the overall stress your low back experiences throughout a day.

1. When possible, choose a chair that provides lumbar (low back) support. If your chair does not have lumbar support, consider supplementing that area with a small pillow, towel roll, or lumbar pad.
2. Be as active as possible at work, take multiple breaks throughout the day to get up and walk around if possible. Try to keeps your hips are higher or at least even with your knees with your feet firmly on the floor, this promotes a good low back curvature while taking stress off of your lumbar spine as well.

When you’re at a desk/computer

1. Bend elbows at 90 degrees, with your forearms parallel to the floor make sure you’re not reaching forward. Wrists should meet the keyboard in a neutral spot, not bent up or down.
2. Sit close enough to your monitor so that it is at arm’s length, with the top third of the monitor even with your line of sight when in good neck posture.
3. If on the phone most of the day, obtain a Bluetooth or headset to decrease stress on your neck or compensatory habits that could cause a repetitive stress injury.

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