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PDR recently had the fantastic opportunity to send our therapists to an extensive continuing education course to learn the Graston Technique.

The Graston Technique is a style of treatment that utilizes instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization to assist care of our patients by releasing tension, or tightness from muscles that are limiting our movement or daily function and creating pain. Included are stainless steel instruments that are used directly on the skin to get deeper down into the muscle tissue. When muscle tension is not fully changed with stretches and strengthening exercises, Graston is a handy option to help assist our therapists to progress our patients closer to recovery.

Graston has been a powerful addition to our program this year, many times we see results in pain relief and increased motion immediately after use! Many of our therapists became “Certified Graston Providers” earlier this year after an extensive two-day educational course to learn the proper use of the Graston Instruments and how to implement them into a spine specific therapy environment. All the PDR therapists are now well versed in the science, benefits, and application of these techniques to provide a positive and efficient treatment for our patients in their road to recovery. We have already seen impressive results, especially with those who have suffered chronic pain and muscle restrictions for many years. Many have reported that they never thought they would move this well again in their life!

The Graston Technique is most effective when used in combination with our well-structured therapy and MedX program consisting of stretching, strengthening, education, posture, and body mechanics training. Using Graston alongside our other methods increases patient independence, creating more confidence and less fear when developing lifelong routine and self exercise programs to maintain all their functional goals achieved during therapy.