This is a portrait of Dr. Gary Johnson, MD.Hi! My name is Gary Johnson M.D. Why am I happy? Well, I’m living a doctor’s dream. My patients do well.

What do doctors want? It varies, but most would say they want to make a positive difference in the lives of their patients. Simply put, we want to help people. That’s what we all put into our medical school applications.

I’m new to this practice as an insider, but so far I am judging it to be a place where people do well; the outcome numbers prove it, and everyday I see it and feel it. I also see and feel professionalism. I see and feel optimism, and hope. These are important ingredients when it comes to healing and restoring human bodies. And, I’m judging that I’m working in a system designed to maximize the likelihood that we employees all have the resources around us each day to do excellent work for our patients.

When people get strong, deep down in the core of their bodies, they feel better, and can do more. Usually that also means they gain control over, or even freedom from, pain.

I’ve done back and neck care just about every working day of my 30 year medical career. I’ve seen a lot. For some individuals there are very significant barriers to gaining control over chronic back and neck pain. The pain begins to control them, and makes them someone they don’t want to be. Some of those folks are at risk of losing relationships, homes, jobs, and financial security for their families. Fear, anxiety, sleeplessness, low esteem, hopelessness, and depression are often in the mix. These individuals need more help than just the aggressive, measurable strengthening protocols at the heart of our program. And, they certainly need more than is typically found in the average therapy clinic centered around the routine aches, pains and athletic injuries of everyday life. This place has a very deep pool of talent and experience, and the therapists have many resources to call upon to react to the bio-psycho-social needs of all their patients. Problems do get solved here, rather than kicked down the road. That’s what people want.

I want my patients to do well, and to be happy. Here at PDR my patients have the resources available to them that maximizes the likelihood they will do well. That makes me a happy doctor.



Gary B. Johnson