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A team approach for common musculoskeletal pain issues.

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PDR provides effective physical therapy for neck, back and all kinds of musculoskeletal pain. If you live with pain on a daily basis, have recurring musculoskeletal pain that won’t go away, or have tried other therapies without achieving the results you need, Physicians’ Diagnostics & Rehabilitation Clinics can help. Over 25 years of helping patients heal and maintain a healthy active life after injury. PDR Clinics is an approved provider for most major insurance carriers and health plans.

PDR has been acquired by iSpine Pain Physicians. This multidisciplinary approach helps us to provide the best comprehensive chronic pain care solution in the Twin Cities. You can learn more on iSpine’s website.

The PDR Advantage

PDR Clinics’ multidisciplinary approach utilizes evidence-based treatment guidelines established by the American College of Physicians (ACP), American Pain Society (APS), and Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI). These guidelines support using an active, biopsychosocial approach that identifies and addresses barriers to optimal outcomes while increasing strength and restoring function. Individuals are educated on pain management strategies to reduce or eliminate the need for pain medication. Individuals also learn self-management techniques to manage or prevent future pain episodes. PDR’s program improves overall health and reduces the need for future healthcare utilization.

Therapy from the Experts

PDR’s therapy team are experts at what they do. Each team member receives rigorous training and ongoing continuing education. PDR’s quality assurance practices ensures as well as leadership, mentorship, and teamwork activities support our collaborative and innovative environment – all in an effort to ensure excellent patient outcomes.

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

A patient’s functional outcome is highly correlated to one’s coping skills, thoughts and beliefs regarding their pain and physical symptoms. At PDR, we will help address both the physical pain and the emotional impact pain has caused – helping you to achieve a patient’s best outcome.

Maintenance Program

At PDR, patients work hard to get back to enjoying the life they want to live. Maintenance Program is available to patients that complete rehab so they can maintain the gains they make during their treatment.

PDR Healthcare Cost Advantage

PDR’s services are a cost-effective way to treat musculoskeletal pain. We will work with you to estimate your care costs. PDR is one of the lowest cost providers for therapy services to the Twin Cities.

Unlike other industries, cost does not equate to quality in healthcare. PDR is one of the leading providers for musculoskeletal injuries with proven outcomes at a reasonable cost.

Please note: Prices on MN Health Scores are for therapy services only. Therapy is billed in 15 minute units. Prices on the website reflect an average for one unit of therapy. Prices vary depending your health plan. MN Health Scores data is strictly for average comparisons.

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The PDR Partnership

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  • At PDR Clinics, we put the patient’s needs above everything else.
  • Each patient we see receives a comprehensive evaluation prior to receiving a treatment plan


  • PDR Clinics is a trusted partner with successful, cost-effective, and measurable outcomes in the area of rehabilitation.
  • PDR partners with employees and insurers on every step needed to maintain a healthy workplace and workforce.